Cameron. 17. Male. Love skating and music.
Chilling and Killing.

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So in love with London. I don’t want to come home to America.

Tattoo done by Tom Bartley.

Even the simplest of things
Invoke memories of you
Like a can of monster
And how rapidly you could drain it
And how you drained me,
And how stumbling upon tombstones of our love is a reoccurring thing lately.
And I don’t know why that is,
But I can only hope it stops.

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I thought it might be cool to post an early version of an animation. This one turned out a bit longer than I expected. Sometimes I sketch every frame in a row and then fill in transitions. Other times I sketch keyframes and create transitions between them. I go back and forth between Photoshop and SAI and I generally use red, green and blue in order to compare frames.
I hope this animation makes sense! Though if you ukemi properly, you’ll never see it…